Do you have a business kitchen in need of some more appliances? If you own a cafeteria, restaurant, or café, or if you manage the kitchen at a commercial property, the functionality of the appliances in your kitchen can make or break you. As a top provider of kitchen appliance repair services in Toronto, we are here to manage your every need.

Our repairmen are skilled in food disposer repair services. We perform work that guarantees your food disposer will work for many years to come. If your food disposer is no longer working as it should, give us a call so we can let you know if it is repairable or if you need to replace it.

You may think of the food disposer as just an accessory. Truthfully, it’s not an essential kitchen appliance. However, when it is installed and serviced by a professional, it brings numerous benefits to the property owner. You can always depend on us to fix your food disposer. Having one is great as it keeps your sink from getting clogged up.

But when it stops functioning, it creates a huge mess.  There are many causes why it isn’t working. Our repair experts have seen it all and can address your issue using years of expertise in resolving food disposer issues.

Is your food disposer making strange noises? Smell bad? Not grinding anything as it should be? Our technicians can come to your commercial property to repair or replace your food disposer for you. If you wait too long to have your non-working food disposer fixed, you risk a huge drain clog as well as possible sewage backup.

If your food disposer doesn't work quite as it should, don't wait to give us a call. Our repairman can find the source of the problem, fix it, and provide tips for caring for your food disposer in the future.

Commercial Services In TORONTO Commercial Services In TORONTO


As a property owner, you daily depend on your appliances to keep your customers happy, and the money is coming in. Whether you’re a restaurant owner using an indoor grill or a food truck with a grill, you understand the importance of having a properly functioning grill for your customers. If your grill isn’t working right, make the right decision and call a charbroil repair professional who specializes in fixing commercial appliances. In Toronto, you won’t beat the grill repair appliance services provided by us. The truth is, commercial appliances typically work harder than home appliances. For example, you might decide to pull out the grill once a week if you feel like it at home.


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However, if you own a restaurant, your grill usage depends on what your customers order. Also, even though you prepare three meals a day for your family, you still don't use your appliances anywhere near as often as a restaurant or food service establishment. Due to these demands, the maintenance of commercial appliances is very different than private ones. If you value the top performance of each commercial appliance you use, including your charbroil grill, it’s crucial to hire a repairer who knows what makes commercial grill unique.

Over the years, we have become Toronto’s top choice for charbroil repair services. Our appliance repair crew repairs all major brands and models of charbroiling grills, both electric and gas. Plus, we have an insured team for the protection and safety of your business. We’re confident that we’ll be capable of providing the service and parts you need, any time. If you need your grill to run your business, you can’t just sit around and wait for a repair tech to show up at your door. Time is money. When you work with us, you’ll feel our duty to quick repair services for yourself. We promise to provide commercial appliances repair swiftly to reduce your chances of unhappy customers and lost income because your appliance broke down

Commercial Services In TORONTO Commercial Services In TORONTO


At Appliance Repair Toronto Canada, we understand the importance of doing a great job and repairing your system correctly the first time. That’s why it’s critical to pick the right Toronto salamander repair business for heating repair service.

You will find us to be a group of devoted salamander repair technicians who are here for you 24/7. We always treat every one of our customers with the same level of courtesy and professionalism, whether the job is little or big. It’s our group of dedicated individuals who make our salamander repair company in Toronto what it is today.

Our techs are proud of how they provide courteous, professional, and quick work that delivers respect for your business or home. We want to be your initial choice for salamander heating repairs. Let us make you and your property comfortable.

Heating repair work always happens at the most inopportune time. You need a dependable Toronto heating contractor to make things right when things go wrong. When your crew is working day or night on a construction job, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. Keeping your contractors warm means keeping them healthy. You can trust your team’s comfort to our repair team.

We offer total commercial heating repair service. The knowledge and experience possessed by our technicians set us above other Toronto contractors.

We have fixed hundreds of portable forced-air heaters so that construction sites stay warm during the cold Toronto months, delivering both dependability and cost efficiency. Let us craft a customized solution that gets your convention heater back up and running. To keep your construction project on schedule, you need a healthy crew. Our team guarantees all repairing is completed in a timely fashion, so your job isn't off schedule for too long.

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